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The Maker's Diet

The Makers Diet expands on the rationale of how our bodies were designed to work best on the "primitive diet" and a more rudimentary lifestyle. Jordan Rubin, N.M.D., Ph.D. author of The Makers Diet gives personal experience, as well as historical documentation, as premises for the importance of digestive health and proper nutrition.

This celebrated author, founder of Garden of Life™ and survivor of a debilitating digestive disorder, Jordan Rubin, N.M.D., Ph.D. has devoted his life to developing new science, and historically, based nutritional methods for achieving and maintaining good health.

We are in a health crisis. Virtually every disease is on the rise, and we have never been at greater risk. Statistics indicate that nearly 25% of the population is morbidly obese, with 60% classified as overweight; childhood obesity is a health concern for the first time in our recorded history.

Fortunately, there is help to control whether or not we become part of the grim health statistics, but it requires proactive participation. From the inception of humanity until now, there has been a plan for optimal health.

Humanity's design has not changed, and neither has its nutrition requirements. Historical human nutrition and contemporary scientific studies indicate a way of nourishing the body that will attain and maintain overall health in the way it was designed. In as little as 40 days, The Maker's Diet can transform the way you eat and live.

The Makers Diet includes:

  • anecdotes of others' journeys back to health by using The Maker's Diet and its lifestyle suggestions
  • incorporating the four essential pillars—physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health
  • a list the top Maker's foods and why they are
  • a prescription for the 40-day diet and lifestyle regimen designed to improve overall health
  • resources and over 100 delicious recipes to help facilitate one's encounter with the 40-day regimen that can become a way of life-as well as a way to a fuller, healthier life.

Dr. Rubin's studies, findings, and experiences to date concerning holistic health; it provides practical, relevant insight into how it is possible to attain and maintain optimal health.

Supportive Garden of Life Supplements and Whole Foods:

Maker's Diet Book Review Quotes

The Maker's Diet, Dr. Jordan Rubin's latest work is the first book in the history of natural health that combines the timeless wisdom of the Bible with the best that science has developed. If you follow the stunning revelations offered by Jordan, TMD will change your life for the better... Peter R. Rothschild M.D., Ph.D, FRSH., Territorial Archbishop of the Holy Orthodox Christian Church in Puerto Rico, Professor Emeritus of Immunology, People's University of the Americas

In the often confusing world of health related publications, Dr. Jordan Rubin's latest book The Maker's Diet offers a path of light. It covers a broad range of wellness related topics giving the readers a "How To" approach for maximizing vitality. It certainly will be at the top of my patient's MUST read list... Joseph Brasco, M.D., Board Certified Gastroenterologist, Co-Author Restoring Your Digestive Health

The Maker's Diet  is a refreshing change in a world full of fad diet books that push unsubstantiated programs, each conflicting with the other. Dr. Jordan Rubin derives his health program from the most ancient of Public Health Texts, the Bible. Many of his recommendations have been gleaned from epidemiological studies on some of the world's healthiest people and thus are based on history and proven by modern science. I have taught these principles to patients and students for the last 25 years as well as applying them in my own life. The Maker's Diet can serve as an important guide to those seeking to restore or preserve their health... Paul A. Goldberg, M.P.H, D.C, D.A.C.B.N, Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Gastroenterology, Life University Director, The Goldberg Clinic

Jordan can truly make a difference in your world. His book and diet will give you life ........ longer, healthier, and happier .... and it's biblical... Lowell "Bud" Paxson, Founder and Chairman, PAX TV

Jordan's faith based journey from near death to vital health bears witness to the power of pure food prepared in simple, traditional ways that reveal the true spirit of culinary and cooking experiences. Chefs everywhere, Heal thyself with The Maker's Diet !... Charles H. Halliday President, Florida Culinary Institute

makers diet According to the Surgeon General's report on nutrition and health, 8 out of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States are diet-related.