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Combining the Best of Nature and Science

Garden of Life believes food is the best source of nutrition. This is why they circle the globe searching for the richest and purest whole foods (raw fruits, vegetables and herbs) available to make their products.

Garden of Life, invites everyone to experience the unequaled benefits of premium whole food nutrition. Each Garden of Life™ product category listed below offers a uniquely effective combination of nature's most powerful whole foods and ingredients to provide optimized nutrition your body can easily digest and absorb. Processed, validated and confirmed by scientific methods and conclusive clinical findings, their products are among the most thoroughly tested on the market.

With each new consumer, Garden of Life's revolution progresses, and in turn, they work every day to provide proven products and methods that open new doors to improved nutritional well-being.

Each whole food they gather is fermented using our proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process to enhance its nutritional value and make it easier to digest and absorb. This process results in powerful whole food nutrition optimized for your body's unique needs. It's convenient nutrition you can use to achieve better health.

Isolated Supplements vs. Whole Foods
Most vitamin and mineral supplement companies attempt to chemically isolate specific nutrients, delivering them to the body in a form that can be unrecognizable and difficult for the body to digest. When these products are consumed, biochemical imbalances and nutrient deficiencies in the body may result. This occurs because the body is designed to utilize nutrients in balanced amounts and in their whole forms, with all the necessary co-factors intact. Isolated supplements fail to deliver adequate nutrients in the proper form.

Garden of Life whole food supplements give you nutrition the way nature intended. Their whole food nutrition is taken from pure, raw foods in their natural, balanced states, giving your body nutrients it can recognize and utilize. In fact, the whole foods found in their products contain hundreds and possibly thousands of nutrients that won't be found in most other vitamin and mineral supplements.

Specially Processed for Maximum Efficacy
The nutritional value of a fruit or vegetable immediately begins to diminish when taken from the earth. It is further lessened when processed for delivery and consumption. While most supplement manufacturers use processes that strip away valuable nutrients, Garden of Life uses advanced technologies and an ancient fermentation process to bring you the most effective, whole food nutrition available.

Their proprietary Poten-Zyme process incorporates a multitude of living probiotic cultures and their enzymes to pre-digest raw materials, breaking them down to their most basic elements and making them body ready or bio-available. In essence, the Poten-Zyme process preserves nutrients and makes them easier for your body to digest and absorb. In addition, the Poten-Zyme process creates unique nutrients such as enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics and other phytonutrients you cannot get anywhere else.

Research & Validation
At Garden of Life, they believe in backing their philosophy and supplements with continual research, studies and validation. They want to ensure that their products have the highest potential to improve the health and lives of their customers before their products ever reach retail shelves. For this reason, Garden of Life supplements are among the most thoroughly tested on the market.