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Perfect Food Berry

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Super Green Fruit And Veggie Formula
  • Made with one billion live probiotic cells to support digestive health*
  • Contains 50 nutrient rich, certified organic or organically grown, whole food ingredients
  • Provides an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity  (ORAC) value of 2,000 TE per serving
  • Excellent source of natural antioxidants including vitamins A and C
  • The Perfect Food Berry ingredients in this formula that make it uniquely effective.

Perfect Food® Berry
CompetitorAnalysis   Garden of Life
Perfect Food Berry
New Chapter
Berry Green
Greens +
Wild Berry Burst
Number of ingredients   50 20 31
Over 70% organic ingredients   Yes Yes No
Fermented Ingredients   Yes Yes No
Young cereal grass juices   Yes No No
Sprouted grains, seeds and legumes   Yes No No
Berries   Organic Strawberry Organic Blueberry Strawberry
Organic Blueberry Organic Cranberry Blueberry
Organic Blackberry Blackberry
Organic Raspberry Raspberry
Other Fruit   Yes Yes Yes
ORAC value per serving over 2,000 TE   Yes Not listed Yes
Probotic cultures   Yes Yes Yes
CFU at the time of manufacturer   1 billion 1 billion Not listed
Sea Vegetables   Yes No Yes
Soy   No No Yes
100% Vegetarian   Yes Yes Yes
Dairy free   Yes Yes Yes
Vitamin C (mg-%RDA)   115mg - 192% 1.2mg - 2% 54mg - 90%
Vitamin A (beta-carotene) (IU-%RDA)   4.250IU - 85% 500IU - 10% 9,000IU - 180%
Sugar content   1g 1g 1g
Protein   2g 1g 2g
Isolates   No No No
Presentation   240g 180g 267g
Amount per serving   8g 6g 8.9g
Servings per container   30 30 30

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