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Garden of Life Optimal Wellness Products

Garden of Life's Optimal Wellness products draw from the healing potential of whole foods and botanicals to promote an overall state of health and wellness in the body. These formulas deliver essential whole food concentrates and herbs that support the balance of the hormonal systems, assist in weight management, reduce stress levels and enhance energy.

Clear Energy®
Clear Energy is a stimulant-free blend of "super tonic" herbs and protective phytochemicals formulated to energize the body and enliven the mind. Discover renewed mental clarity, improved athletic performance and enhanced libido without the risk of chemicals or addictive compounds with Clear Energy.
Tea Trio™
Synergistic Three-Tea Blend A synergistic combination of three of the world’s most health-beneficial organic teas: rare organic white tea, organic green tea from minimally processed Camellia leaves, and organic black tea derived from a delicate fermentation process.