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Living Multi® Optimal Women's Immune System Health Formula

Immune System Health

Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women
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  • Living Multi® Women’s Formula contains balanced levels of the B vitamins, calcium, folic acid, and iron, as well as our unique Women’s Blend with red clover, calcium and select ingredients to support the special nutritional needs of women health issues.
  • Broad-based, multi-nutrient whole food formulas specifically designed to support women’s health.
  • The Living Multi® products are the only multivitamins that provide Living Nutrients™. Living Nutrients are better for your body because they are more like food than isolated vitamins, but with guaranteed potency in a whole food source.
  • Made with Living Nutrients™ containing necessary cofactors required for proper absorption and utilization by the body, including amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics and organic acids.
  • Delivers a rich blend of antioxidants derived from naturally grown and organic fruits and vegetables - antioxidants help your body deal with oxidative stress*
  • Provides a range of nutrients to support immune system health, which is valuable to overall health and well being*

Give your body the special nutrition it deserves with Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula.

Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula is designed especially for women and their nutritional needs. Its powerful blend of more than 70 whole foods containing vitamins, minerals and herbs has been shown effective in balancing the hormone system, stimulating the immune system and enhancing energy.

Created using the proprietary Poten-Zyme process that unlocks the nutritional effectiveness of whole foods using Homeostatic Nutrient complexes. Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula Homeostatic Nutrient complexes contain all the enzymes, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics and organic acids necessary to deliver nutrients in their body ready forms.

What are the Living Multi Optimal Women's ingredients in this formula that make it uniquely effective?

Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula is better than other vitamin and mineral supplements.
Of the many vitamin and mineral supplements on the market, Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula is the only one that creates Homeostatic Nutrient complexes using a process called Poten-Zyme. This proprietary technique not only unlocks the nutritional effectiveness of whole foods to deliver body ready nutrients where you need them most, it also supercharges cellular nutrition, reduces oxidative stress and facilitates cellular detoxification.

You don't need to take Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula and Living Multi Optimal Formula
No. All Living Multi products provide beneficial levels of nutrients in a form the body can easily recognize, digest, absorb and utilize. These products are designed to enhance energy and performance, facilitate cellular detoxification and reduce oxidative stress that can lead to aging.

This formula meets women's specific health needs
To address women's special health concerns, Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula also contains Maca, Rhodiola rosea, Rhododendron caucasicum, Aralia racemosa, and Schizandra. These valuable herbs have been shown to help reduce stress, enhance energy, improve sexual function and regulate hormone levels. Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula also provides balanced levels of all B vitamins, shown to help elevate alertness and mood, strengthen the immune system, maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and support healthy bone structure.

Suggested Use For Living Multi Optimal Women's Formula
Take 6 caplets per day depending on nutritional needs. May be taken with or without food.