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Garden of Life
Pure Goat's Milk Protein, Goatein, 440 g

Pure Goat's Milk Protein
  • The only protein powder available made from goat's milk  
  • Easy to digest - can be tolerated by many people who have difficulty digesting cow's milk
  • Great for those on low carbohydrate diets
  • Goatein® goats are not fed pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, or antibiotics
  • An excellent source of complete protein that contains all eight essential amino acids - protein building blocks crucial to good health
  • The Goatein ingredients in this formula that make it uniquely effective.

Goatein is the highest quality protein powder available. It contains all eight essential amino acids, protein building blocks crucial to enhancing your immune system and alleviating the effects of oxidative stress on the body.

What's changed? New and improved formula:
New Goatein contains the same high quality Goat’s milk protein concentrate from the same source but with an improved vanilla taste. The vanilla used is natural. Fermented whey has been removed for improved palatability to appeal to a wider range of consumers. Less than 1% of the product is guar gum and Lo Han combined. Lo Han fruit concentrate is included because it is a natural sweetener that helps with the taste. Guar gum is necessary to give the powder desired consistency. The sugar content (from the natural Lo Han) has slightly increased from 1 gram to 3 grams.

Why do you need protein?
Proteins form the foundations for muscles, skin, bones, hair, teeth, blood, the brain, the heart and billions of biochemical activities in the body.
Proteins are made up of 20 amino acids, eight of which are considered "essential" because the body cannot produce them and they must be obtained from the foods we consume.

How is Goatein® different from other protein products?

  • Goatein® is an animal protein. Animal proteins are the only complete sources of protein. Vegetarian protein sources such as soy are typically missing one or more of the essential amino acids, even if their protein content is high.
  • Goatein contains pure goat's milk from goats raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. Many commercial dairy protein powders are produced from animals given antibiotics and hormones. Many vegetable proteins are made from non-organic or genetically modified organisms and may contain chemical residues.
  • Goatein is processed without excessive heat so all its elements remain in their natural forms. Other milk protein powders that claim to be minimally processed are in fact subject to invasive processing, including heating and drying at high temperatures.
  • Protein molecules in goat's milk have a different structure than those in cow's milk. This allows certain people who cannot tolerate bovine milk to consume milk protein from goats.

Why should you use Goatein?
Goatein is a complete source of protein, antibiotic and hormone free and minimally processed. You could use Goatein if you are on a low carbohydrate diet and are looking to supplement with high quality protein. You also could use Goatein if you want an animal protein but have trouble digesting cow's milk protein.

Suggested Use For Garden of Life's Goatein
Take one heaping tablespoon mixed with 8 ounces of juice or water as often as desired. Blend or shake vigorously. To dissolve more easily, add powder to 1-2 ounces of warm water, shake and add remainder of liquid. Great in smoothies, mixed in hot cereals, or sprinkled on yogurt.