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Living Multi® Optimal Men's Prostate Formula

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  • Living Multi® Men’s Formula contains high levels of zinc and selenium, as well as our unique Men’s Blend with saw palmetto and lycopene to support prostate health*
  • Made with Living Nutrients™ containing necessary cofactors required for proper absorption and utilization by the body, including amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics and organic acids
  • Broad-based, multi-nutrient whole food formulas specifically designed to support men’s health
  • A advanced prostate supplement, Living Multi® Men’s Formula is one of the most powerful supplements for prostate health.
  • Delivers a rich blend of antioxidants derived from naturally grown and organic fruits and vegetables - antioxidants help your body deal with oxidative stress*
  • Provides a range of nutrients to support immune health, which is valuable to overall health and well being*
  • The Living Multi Optimal Men's ingredients in this formula that make it uniquely effective.

Living Multi® Men’s Formula was specifically designed for men looking for an effective and complete multi-nutrient formula to combat many men health issues.

It recognizes men's distinct nutritional needs with a power-packed blend of more than 80 whole foods chosen for their abilities to increase energy, heighten sexual drive and potency, enhance the immune system and support prostate health.

Living Multi® Men’s Formula is created using our proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process that unlocks the nutritional effectiveness of whole foods using Homeostatic Nutrient complexes. These complexes contain all the enzymes, amino acids, probiotics and organic acids necessary to deliver nutrients in their body ready forms.

Take care of your body with the vitamin and mineral formula designed just for men, Living Multi Men's Formula.

Beneficial ingredients in Living Multi® Optimal Men's Formula

PotenZyme Sea Veggie Blend - BioAstin Hematoccus Pluvialia.

Natural Antioxidant Fruit and Veggie Blend - Grape Seed Extract, Cranberry Extract, Raspberry Extract, Strawberry Extract, Salad Extract, Grape Skin Extract, Onion Extract, Artichoke Extract.

PotenZyme Veggie Juice Blend - Amaranth Sprouts, Quinoa Sprouts, Millet Sprouts, Buckwheat Sprouts, Garbanzo Sprouts, Kidney Bean Sprouts, Lentil Sprouts, Adzuki Sprouts, Sunflower Sprouts, Pumpkin Seed Sprouts, Chia Seed Sprouts, Sesame Seed Sprouts, Flax Seed Sprouts.

Men's Blend - Saw Palmetto Extract, Tomato Extract (Lycopene), Pygeum Africanum.

PotenZyme Tonic Mushroom Blend - Coriolus Versicolor Mycelia.

Antioxidant Beverage and Spice Blend - White Tea Extract, Green Tea Extract, Coffee Extract, Thyme Extract.

Suggested Use For Living Multi Optimal Men's Formula
Take 6 caplets per day depending on nutritional needs. May be taken with or without food.