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  • A comprehensive bone support formula that helps build and maintain good bone health.*
  • An excellent source of MCHA calcium, along with a broad spectrum of vital minerals and nutritional cofactors to help support healthy bone density.*
  • MCHA or Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite is a highly absorbable, body friendly form of calcium. MCHA used in Living Calcium™ Advanced is derived from Australian, grass-fed, free-range cattle. MCHA calcium provides the mineral matrix of living bone including magnesium and phosphorus that helps support healthy calcium and bone metabolism.*
  • The Living Calcium Advanced ingredients in this formula that make it uniquely effective.

Get more from your daily dose of calcium.

Yes, Living Calcium™ Advanced different from other calcium products

MCHA Calcium is an effective body-ready calcium source shown to support better calcium absorption calcium deficiency and utilization.*

Homocysteine Balance Complex of betaine and Poten-Zyme B Vitamins supports healthy bone metabolism and homocysteine levels.*

Vital Mineral Matrix contains essential trace minerals organically bound to a whole food rice matrix for optimal absorption that support bone health.*

Growing scientific evidence reports the significant bone health benefits of vitamin K and its ability to facilitate calcium absorption. Living Calcium™ Advanced includes vitamin K complex with Poten-Zyme™ vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 derived from fermented soy, natto, as opposed to other chemically synthesized forms found in other competitor’s calcium products. using our proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process that unlocks the nutritional effectiveness of whole foods using Homeostatic Nutrient complexes. These complexes contain all the enzymes, amino acids, probiotics and organic acids necessary to deliver nutrients in their body ready forms.

How Does Living Calcium™ Advanced Compare to Other Calcium Products?

14 Beneficial Features in Living Calcium™ Advanced Living Calcium™ Advanced Jarrow
Bone Up
Country Life
Ca/Mg Complex
Bone Defense
Source of Calcium: 100% MCHA Yes Yes No No Yes
100% RDA of Calcium (MCHA) Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Over 100% RDA of Magnesium Yes Yes Yes No No
Vitamin D3 Yes ** Yes No Yes No
Vitamin K1 Yes ** Yes No Yes No
Vitamin K2 from fermented soy Yes No No No No
Vitamin B2 Yes ** No No No No
Vitamin B6 Yes ** No No No No
Folic Acid Yes ** Yes No No No
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) Yes Yes No No No
Zinc Yes ∆ Yes No Yes Yes
Copper Yes ∆ Yes No Yes No
Manganese Yes ∆ Yes No Yes Yes
Betaine Yes No No No No
Boron Yes ∆ Yes No Yes No
Homocysteine Balance Complex Yes No No No No
Fermented ingredients Yes No No No No
Organically bound rice protein chelates Yes No No No No
Preferred Ca/Mg ratio Yes Yes Yes No No
SPINS Brand Ranking NEW #1 #3 Not Listed #97
Undesirable Features Living Calcium™ Advanced Doesn't Have
Mostly isolated ingredients No Yes Yes Yes No