Garden of Life Immunity & Inflammation Products
Immunity & Inflammation Products

Garden of Life Immunity and Inflammation Products

Empower your body to perfect its own responses for faster healing. Our Immunity and Inflammation products bring you the cutting-edge developments of nutritional science.

Garden of Life's Immunity and Inflammation products provide whole foods and herbs that help to boost immune system balance, counter inflammation and support the regeneration of cartilage and other connective tissue. Designed with an in-depth understanding of how the body protects and heals itself, these products supply the nutrients the body needs to work quickly and effectively.

Formulated to rebuild and support healthy cartilage and connective tissue, the ingredients in FYI supplement have been clinically proven to reduce the effects of inflammation. Find relief from the swelling, tenderness and stiffness associated with chronic joint conditions with FYI, considered safe even for everyday use.

  FYI® Restore
Muscle & Tissue Recovery
The ultimate broad spectrum systemic enzyme formula, delivering high proteolytic activity on the systemic level to work with the body’s own processes to assist normal tissue repair and recovery.*
Goatein™ IG
The only protein supplement on the market made with goat's milk colostrum, Goatein IG protein powder provides the body the complete protein it needs to support healthy immune system function, digestion, cell growth and tissue repair. Make Goatein IG a part of your diet and enjoy the health and vitality you deserve.
RM-10 caplets are a combination of tonic mushrooms, herbs and aloe Vera shown to support immune function, and help regulate proper cholesterol levels and increase overall energy. Your immune system is your best defense against disease. Strengthen it with RM-10.
Seasonal Relief™
Seasonal Relief is a powerful compound that stimulates the immune system to block the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Its expectorant and anti-inflammatory ingredients also help ease congestion by ridding the body of excess mucous. Support your body's immune defenses at the first sign of aches or discomfort with Seasonal Relief.