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Powerful Candida and Yeast Infection Cleanse - Optimizes a Healthy Balanced Flora
  • Delivers nature's most effective anti yeast and anti fungal compounds
  • Powerful anti-Candida formula
  • Specifically formulated with ingredients to help both men and women maintain a balanced, healthy digestive environment.*
  • Contains botanicals, enzymes, and fermented whole foods to help maintain a balanced flora and healthy gut environment. *
  • Restores healthy intestinal flora
  • The Fungal Defense ingredients in this formula that make it uniquely effective.

Fungal Defense supplement delivers nature's most effective compounds to actively eliminate excess Candida and other fungi from the body. The powerful ingredients in the Fungal Defense formula is specifically formulated to limit the growth of yeast and other fungi, resulting in a balanced, healthy internal environment.

In healthy people, Candida does little harm because it's kept in check by beneficial microorganisms, or probiotics. These "good" bacteria, however, can be easily destroyed by antibiotics, prescription medications, birth control pills, poor diet and daily stress, allowing Candida yeast to grow out of control and produce infections. Thought to affect more than 40 million Americans, Candida can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as vaginitis, bowel disorders, ear and sinus irritation, intense itching, canker sores and ringworm.

Fungal Defense supplement helps combat the effects of Candida and other fungi with enzymes and herbal extracts considered to be among the most powerful anti fungal substances in nature. Our proprietary Poten Zyme fermentation process makes Fungal Defense easy to digest and assures more complete absorption of valuable nutrients.

Don't let troublesome infections plague you. Put Fungal Defense to work to help eliminate harmful Candida, restore your body's homeostatic balance and enhance your overall health.

What is Candida and how does it affect me?
Candida albicans is a single celled fungal yeast that inhabits the intestinal tract and mucous membranes of every living person. Among the most prolific organisms on the planet, it is impossible to keep out of the body, but it does little harm when balanced by beneficial microorganisms, or probiotics. However, when the immune system is compromised or friendly bacteria are killed by taking antibiotics, Candida can grow unrestrained and produce infections that can last for years.

To help keep Candida in check, anti fungal medications or probiotics should be taken whenever antibiotics are used.

Healthy people usually have a balance of approximately 85% good and 15% harmful organisms in the intestinal tract. Most of us, however, have the opposite ratio as a result of daily exposure to our environment, and even certain habits considered healthy. Taking antibiotics, drinking chlorinated water and using antibacterial soap, for example, often kill the good bacteria essential for health.

How can I prevent Candida from recurring?
The powerful ingredients in Fungal Defense are specifically targeted to destroy yeast and other fungi to restore a balanced, healthy internal environment. To prevent re-infection and maintain a properly balanced system, you should reduce or, in some cases, eliminate sweets; carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, muffins and glutinous grains; alcohol; vinegar; fruit and aged cheeses from your diet. Sugars and carbohydrates in particular feed yeast, which thrives in sugary environments and causes cravings for those foods to increase.

Should I use Fungal Defense and Primal Defense supplements together?
No. Begin with a 14 day Fungal Defense program as directed on the product label and wait 15 days before starting to use Primal Defense products

What makes your Fungal Defense formula better than other anti fungal formulas?
Fungal Defense contains among nature's most powerful weapons against Candida, viruses and fungi. Our proprietary fermentation process makes our Fungal Defense supplement easy to digest and assures more complete absorption of valuable nutrients.

Fungal Defense® Key Improvements:

Fungal Defense® has three new added ingredients to effectively assist the body to
maintain a balanced healthy gut flora.*
A. Sweet Basil
B. Lemon Grass
C. Cinnamon Bark.

Fungal Defense® no longer contains probiotics. We believe that for optimal effectiveness, probiotics, like Primal Defense® ULTRA are best introduced after 15 days of using Fungal Defense which helps support a healthy gut flora.*

The new suggested usage is the result of the new improved formula and is much easier to follow: Adults take 1 caplet 3 times daily for the first two days and after two days increase to 2 caplets three times per day. Best taken on an empty stomach with 8 ounces of purified water.

The Enzyme Blend and the Poten-Zyme™ Blend have the same ingredients, although the names of the blends have been slightly changed. Olive Leaf and Oregano are still included in the formulation, but are now listed as part of the Herbal Blend.

Suggested Use for 14-day Program
Adults take 1 caplet three times daily for the first two days. After two days, increase usage to 2 caplets three times per day for the next 13 days. Best if taken on an empty stomach with 8 ounces of purified water.

Follow-up: Once you have completed the 14-day program, wait 15 days before consuming Primal Defense or Primal Defense Ultra. Start with 6-12 caplets per day for 3-6 months, then reduce to a maintenance dosage of 3-6 caplets per day. (See Primal Defense or Primal Defense Ultra for more details.)